Les Choix

Pursuing her dreams of studying and developing a cure for malaria, Cristell faces her final exam when the head of her department makes a complicated proposal.

Shot in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Premiering at the Columbia University Film Festival.

Pick Up

A former college basketball player coming off a major knee injury tries to rekindle his confidence and love of the game at one of the toughest basketball courts in New York City.


A young, cross-cultural couple already on shaky ground is tested when an interaction at a local restaurant causes even more tension between the pair. Cortado is a nuanced, tense and explosive drama that handles the toxicity of failed communication, love lost and the frontiers that exist in international relationships.

Ça n'existe pas.

A musical visualization for Moroccan-born artist Oussama Ghaïti and his original song Ça n'existe pas. Ghaïti pulls inspiration from his Moroccan roots and his background in contemporary jazz & blues to create a fresh fusion of sound in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

30 Minutes

Ruth has taken care of her ailing mother for years, to the detriment of her personal and professional life. Now that her mother is on the verge of dying, Ruth suddenly finds herself inside her mother’s subconscious and through some key memories, learns to let go, and realizes that it’s not too late for her to start over.

to be alive.

What does it mean to be alive? 

to be alive. explores the experience of daily warfare on both the physical and mental. Drawing on archival footage, multilayered visuals and historical reference, to be alive. proposes a connection between the deterioration of the social fabric, modern technology and the destruction of following blindly.

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