My name is Andrew Kirschenbaum and I am a multilingual documentary, narrative and commercial director/DP based in NYC and Casablanca.

I collect 100s of references from films and documentaries that I catalogue to call upon for projects, take pleasure in being waist deep in a river with a camera on my shoulder and can pull together a local network of trusted contacts in almost any corner of the world.  

I have worked and produced projects in various languages including English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

I hold a B.A. in International Relations & Anthropology that brought me to the Czech Republic and Morocco to study international negotiations, global film history, linguistics and Moroccan Arabic.

I've DP'd narrative projects on ARRI Alexa Mini in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a crew of 15+ people in French, spent a month at the Colombian-Venezuelan border documenting Venezuelan migrant stories as a one man band and produced travel pieces on an iPhone in Patagonia, Argentina.

 I welcome challenges across language, global and cultural barriers where I can call upon both my training in international communications and film production.

As the director of documentary short Nos Vemos Pronto, I presented and spoke at Yale, Cornell, and Fordham University and Nos Vemos Pronto was featured in 11+ festivals, domestic and international. Nos Vemos Pronto won best Social/Political Film Award at the 2023 Latino & Native American Film Festival and Best International Film at the Bridgeport Film Festival.

Founder of The Bleu Mind, a production company focused on international films and character-driven stories, I am currently developing a team across several continents skilled in translation, fixing, and production that functions effectively in harsh political, climate and high risk environments.

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