Recent Work

Les Choix

Pursuing her dreams of studying and developing a cure for malaria, Cristell faces her final exam when the head of her department makes a complicated proposal.

Shot in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Premiering at the Columbia University Film Festival.


A fashion film with Aisha Spencer inspired by Leon Bridge's "Mariella".

Shot in Brooklyn, New York.

The Forever Chemical Scandal

PFAS chemicals are used in thousands of products aimed at making life easier. But the chemicals are now almost everywhere, including in human blood, and are being linked to severe health problems.


A young, cross-cultural couple already on shaky ground is tested when an interaction at a local restaurant causes even more tension between the pair.

Roots to Fight

Fashion shoot with Brawley Chisholm for Roots of Fight, a brand standing for the relentless spirit inherent in every human journey. Honoring the struggles and victories that shape us.


Hna Lyoum

Guided by the stories of his grandfather's intrepid travels to Mecca, a young Moroccan man must decide on whether to say goodbye to his country.


Imsouane à Taghazout

Amongst the surfers and Moroccan sun, French-Algerian rapper MALIK takes us on a lyrical journey in his single Imsouane à Taghazout.



Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Enso Taves grew up with a guitar in his hands. With a dream of performing bohemian bachata one day in NYC, Taves made his way to the Big Apple.

Approaching his new single release, Enso gives us a sneak peak into his process, perspective and a live session that features some of his newest melodies.


Football Farmers

Amidst the tumultuous northern  region of Kenya, first-year Turkana Warriors Soccer Academy and coach Adams Ewoton are set on steering at risk youth towards football and away from armed conflict, early marriages and trafficking that have plagued the region for decades.


Taylor Bradshaw x Unkind

Live session from a warm fire in Long Island, NY, Taylor Bradshaw performs his hit song "Unkind".

Nos Vemos Pronto find out more info here.

"...Kirschenbaum draws our eyes toward those gestures, and, in them, we discover that vulnerability can mean suffering, and destruction, and xenophobia, but it can also mean rediscovering what has always been true: that we are in each other’s hands, and that sometimes what the tired body that walks barefoot chasing after hopes of a vida digna needs is just a gesto de cariño. Nos Vemos Pronto is that: a much-needed gesture of affection toward those who currently carry Venezuela on their backs, who dream every night of going home and who, even in the worst of circumstances, find the strength to sing and to fall in love."

- Irina Raquel Troconis Gonzalez, Professor of Latin American Studies at Cornell University

Field Notes and behind the scenes here.

Do The Most x Mighty Fine

A music video for Mighty Fine's new single "Do The Most" shot in Brooklyn, NYC.


Youth from all 5 boroughs come to play for NYC LIONS FOOTBALL, based in the Lower East Side, in hopes of making it to the next level.

Pick Up

A former college basketball player coming off a major knee injury tries to rekindle his confidence and love of the game at one of the toughest basketball courts in New York City.

Vince's Village Cobbler

Amidst the chaotic hustle of NYC, Vince's Village Cobbler is a servicer of shoes, bags and beyond. Revitalizing customer's favorite pieces from the heart of Chelsea, Vince Village Cobbler is a one-stop shop for unique restoration for all five boroughs.


Echoing the percussive Afro-Colombian rhythms of Festival Petronio Álvarez in Cali to the tropical serenity of Juanchaco, EL PACIFICÓ reveals Colombia's rich and storied gem in full life, tradition and color.

All The Young Punks

Graham MacIndoe, documentary and portrait photographer who focuses on a range of social justice issues, including drug policy and criminal justice reform, describes growing up in Scotland during the punk era and shares his perspective on life and creative pursuits.


Branded doc content in partnership with the MLR (Major League Rugby) and VOGO showcasing their full chain audio solutions as the New York Ironworkers take on the New England Freejacks in the 2023 Chowder Cup.

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl

No. 2 Michigan and No. 3 TCU battle it out in the CFB Semifinal on New Year's Eve for the 2022 Fiesta Bowl presented by Vrbo in Glendale, Arizona.

Win the Day

What does it take to win the day? A client project shot in various locations throughout the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Ça n'existe pas.

A visualization for Moroccan-born artist Oussama Ghaïti and his original song. Ghaïti pulls inspiration from his Moroccan roots and his background in contemporary jazz & blues to create a fresh fusion of sound in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

OTGI: Branded Doc

On The Ground International is an NGO located in Colombia, roughly 2 hours from the Venezuelan border. Their main objective is supporting Venezuelan refugees through a variety of services as they migrate by foot towards new homes in hopes for better lives. 

in the spirit of curiosity.

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