The Forever Chemical Scandal

PFAS chemicals are used in thousands of products aimed at making life easier. But the chemicals are now almost everywhere, including in human blood, and are being linked to severe health problems.

Football Farmers

Through the perspective of Lemsey (20 yo) and Mustafi (11 yo), two Turkana pastoralists facing conflict in the arid desert of Northern Kenya find an outlet through an emerging youth soccer academy, Turkana Warriors. In its inaugural year (2023) led by Coach Adams Ewoton former overseas Kenyan striker, 250+ boys and girls have joined. With temptations of cattle rustling and armed conflict that plague the tumultuous region bordering South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia and Ewoton aims to change the community forever through football.

Nos Vemos Pronto

Risking their lives along a network of dangerous Colombian highways to confronting the wounds of leaving home through poetry, Nos Vemos Pronto traverses the diverse experiences of the current Venezuelan refugee crisis in Colombia.

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